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Tick Removal

Massachusetts has been ranked 2nd in the country for reported cases of tick-borne illnesses. AFC Urgent Care Saugus is here to give some pointers on how to stay away from ticks this summer as well provide tick removing services! Ticks are seasonal insects that feed off our blood as well as other animals, so if you have any pets at home make sure you are checking them for ticks as well! If you find a tick on your body, come to AFC Urgent Care Saugus to remove the tick immediately, ticks are known to carry many diseases such as:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Babesiosis
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Rocky Mountain Fever
  • Tularemia

Tick removal

Our tick removal process is quick and painless:

  • Our Medical Care provider will apply alcohol to the area that the tick has latched. (If the tick is in hair the Medical Provider will skip this step)
  • Our Medical Provider will grab a sterile tool and grab the tick at the base of the bite & Removal all parts of the Tick
  • The tick will be disposed of & a bandaid will be provided

We do not recommend you try to remove ticks on your own. If you do not remove the entire tick you are leaving an open wound vulnerable to the diseases that tick may have been carrying.  If you find a tick the proper ways to dispose of it are:

  • Put a live tick in a cup of alcohol
  • flush down toilet
  • Put the tick in a ziplock bag then dispose of it in the garbage outside

You should never do the following with a tick

  • Throw tick away inside of the house
  • Remove the tick with your fingers
  • Leave parts of tick in wound
  • squeeze the tick

If you have any more questions about this procedure please call us at 781-233-1000