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Sports Injuries

AFC Urgent Care Saugus treats a wide variety of sports injuries. We encourage parents to put their kids in school sports. School sports help in a numerous amount of way, some of which are :

  • build character
  • promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Build a friend group

We will be listing some of the services we include below!

Cuts, Gashes &Stitchess

AFC Urgent Care Saugus can treat on-life threatening injuries that involve cuts, gashes & stitches. Our Physicians will assess the damage of the cut & find out if stitches are necessary. If stitches are necessary our physicians will:

  • Make sure your wounds are clean
  • Assess if you need stitches or not
  • administer the stitches

Our goal is to make sure you are stitched up & put on the road to recovery as fast as possible.


If our physicians think your child may have a break or a fracture our physician will give them an x-ray.  Somethings that we detect are:

  • Fractures (hairline, Oblique)
  • Breaks in minor parts of the body
  • toes
  • fingers
  • feet
  • hands