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Children Vaccine

Vaccinations in Saugus MAVaccines are a form of protection, & can be life-saving for a child. Children need to be protected their whole lives while they are developing. When they go in a car we put on their seatbelts when they ride a bike we remind them to wear their helmets; it is our decision to protect them from deadly diseases as well.
A vaccine the process of injecting an old or dead virus into the body. The virus can do no real harm however the body still reacts to it naturally. The bodies white blood cells adapt & kill the virus. The body stays adapted to the body so if it was to ever come in contact with the virus again it would be prepared.
If a child does not have a vaccine & gets infected with a deadly virus the body may take a couple of days for its white blood cells adapt and fight. By this time the body could be seriously injured or even result in death.
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