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Occupational Health Services at AFC Urgent Care

At AFC Urgent Care Saugus, we provide services for all employers and their employees. The health and safety of your employees are key to running a successful business. That is why we offer programs that are specialized to your specific business and its needs. Learn more about the variety of employer services available to you today. 

Physical Exams

AFC Saugus provides many different physical exams to all members of society. For employers, we are able to provide DOT physicals and pre-employment physical exams. 

DOT Physicals

DOT physicals are required in order to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Certain medical providers are able to get the certification to conduct DOT physicals. That is why we have providers on staff that are certified. It’s required by law to renew your DOT physical exam up to every 24 months.

During the DOT physical, your provider will check all necessary vitals, such as blood pressure and heart rate. A urinalysis will also be conducted at this time. Vision, horizontal field, and color blindness will be tested next. These are extremely important screenings for commercial drivers. This will indicate whether or not they can properly interpret street signs and lights. Lastly, a hearing test will be conducted. 

Pre-Employment Physicals

Some positions are more physically involved than others. They may require standing frequently and lifting heavy objects. They require proper screening ahead of time to eliminate any risk of injury. Similar to DOT physicals, pre-employment physicals will include testing of vitals, hearing, and vision tests. Additionally, lift tests and pulmonary function tests will be conducted. 

Drug Testing

Drug testing can be a necessary part of any position, as the use of drugs on the job has resulted in several injuries and worker’s compensation claims. By drug testing employees, workers stay safe, and business continues running. AFC Saugus ensures accuracy and proper communication by using a third-party administrator. Results are available in as little as 15 minutes. 

Additional Tests & Screenings

In addition to the commonly requested tests mentioned earlier, AFC Saugus provides many other screenings. Respiratory fit tests, lift tests, pulmonary function tests, tuberculosis skin tests, and breath alcohol tests are also conducted. We are able to provide all necessary vaccinations to employees who need them.

Lastly, worker’s compensation programs are available through AFC Saugus. We are able to properly treat any injury and return patients to work at a time that is appropriate for both employees and their employers. This allows employees to visit just one location and receive all the necessary care.