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Should I Get the COVID-19 Antibody Test?

As the research about COVID-19 continues to reach new findings, scientists and doctors have developed a COVID-19 antibody test. Since the antibody test is so new, many people are unsure about getting it done. AFC Urgent Care Saugus has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about testing, including who is eligible and when to be tested.

Do You Have Any COVID-19 Symptoms?

If you currently have any COVID-19 symptoms, you should not get the antibody test. Antibody testing can only detect a past infection with the virus through the presence of antibodies, which take between ten to fourteen days to develop after healing. The antibody test can not diagnose a current case of COVID-19 and coming in to have the test done while presenting symptoms puts people at an unnecessary risk of exposure, as well as providing you with a negative result. Instead, ask for information about PCR swab testing to diagnose an active case of COVID-19. 

Have You Had Recent Contact with Someone Who Has COVID-19?

If you’ve been in direct contact with someone who has a confirmed case of the coronavirus in the last 14 days, you should wait to get the antibody test. Waiting 14 days allows symptoms to develop if you do become sick. After the 14 days have passed, you may be eligible for antibody testing to learn if your exposure helped you build an immunity to the virus! 

Are You Interested in Learning About Your Immunity to the Virus?

If you think knowing that you have antibodies against the virus would help put your mind at ease, then antibody testing is for you! If you test negative for antibodies, then you’ll know that you haven’t been exposed and you are still at a high risk of contracting the virus. Positive results indicate exposure to the virus and the presence of an immune response.

What to Expect

Antibody testing is a quick and easy process done through a simple blood test. A medical professional will draw your blood, then that blood will be shipped to a lab for testing. It typically takes about 2 business days to receive your test results. When you go to have blood drawn, be prepared to follow all current COVID-19 safety precautions including wearing a mask, social distancing, and more. 

COVID-19 Antibody Testing & PCR Swab Testing in Saugus, MA

If you think you’re a good candidate for COVID-19 antibody testing, contact us today! We are sanitized, wearing masks, and ready to get your test results back to you ASAP! Our facility can also provide information on diagnostic testing if you’re currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have recently been exposed.