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Do I Need to Get STD Testing?

STDs and STD testing are a topic that continues to be taboo, even though it’s no secret most older teens and adults are sexually active. If you’re one of the many people who are unsure about when and why to get tested for STDs, you came to the right place! Keep reading to determine if you’re in need of STD testing. 

When Were You Last Tested?

STD testing is something that needs to be done regularly. The exact frequency will depend on your sexual activity and number of sexual partners. If you’ve never been tested, yes, you should be tested! That applies even if you’re in a long-term, committed relationship. You or your partner may have entered the relationship already carrying an STD without knowing. You should also be tested each time you have a new partner, if your partner has had other partners, or you display symptoms of an STD. 

Has Your Partner Been Tested? 

Ask your partner when they were last tested. Ideally, you should ask before having sex with them and wait for a clean STD test before having sex with them. Realistically, that doesn’t always happen. Ask your partner when they were last tested. If it was before you got together or if they’ve had other partners since they last got tested, you should both go get tested. If a potential or current sexual partner is against STD testing, take this as a sign that they aren’t somebody who cares about you and your sexual health. 

What to Expect 

Now that you’ve decided to get tested for STDs, what should you expect? STD testing is actually much easier than most people think. You’ll be asked to review your sexual history with your doctor. It’s important to be honest so they know what to test you for. Then, you’ll be tested using blood, urine, or a swab test. If you test positive, your doctor will discuss treatment options. Most STDs can be easily cured and getting treatment is better than continuing to spread an STD to new partners. 

Discreet STD Testing in Saugus & Wakefield, MA

If you or your partner are in need of STD testing, AFC Urgent Care Saugus can help! With no appointment necessary you can receive same-day testing and begin treatment right away if anything comes back positive. Getting familiar with these quick, affordable, and convenient testing locations will make it easier than ever to maintain your sexual health! Most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions about testing or treatment, please call 781-233-1000.