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Why the Flu Shot is Important 

Halloween décor and colder temperatures are officially here which can only mean one thing – summer is over. Fall and winter are an excellent time to spend with those you care about and maybe even enjoy a special holiday treat, but those seasons also come with a scary threat. October through March is known as flu season. The flu affects many people each year, but there’s something you can do to protect yourself. 
The Effectiveness of the Flu Shot
Some people decide to skip their flu shot because they question the effectiveness, but that’s a big mistake! The flu shot lowers your risk of developing the flu this year by 80%. If you can get a pure chance that protects your health that effectively, why wouldn’t you? There are no known side effects of the flu shot besides some light injection site redness. The belief that getting the flu shot can actually make you sick is nothing more than a rumor. 
Protecting Those Around You
Getting your flu shot protects way more than just your own health. There are certain groups of people that can’t be vaccinated or remain at a higher risk to develop the flu. People who are at risk are dependent on those who can receive the vaccine actually to get theirs to help slow the spread of influenza. Some of those people who are at a higher risk include: 

  • Infants under 6 months of age
  • Pregnant women
  • People suffering from conditions that affect their immune system
  • Elderly people

If any of those people develop the flu, it can lead to anything from hospitalization to death. 
Getting Your Flu Vaccine 
Getting your flu vaccine this year is the key to protecting yourself and those around you. You can receive your vaccination at: 

  • A walk-in clinic near you
  • Urgent Care Centers 
  • Primary care physician 
  • Most major pharmacies 
  • County Health Department