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Importance of a Flu Shot for your Child

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The flu shot is something that nearly everyone is encouraged to get, but many ignore the signs. The flu, while it is often something that can go away after a week or so, can pose significant health risks to the human body. When the immune system is under attack and trying to fend off the virus, other threats can come up as well. The key for most adults is a simple flu shot, but if they miss it, they’ll likely be able to fend it off. Children, on the other hand, are less capable of getting through the flu without significant concerns. The importance of a flu shot for your child cannot be downplayed. 

Flu Shot Information for Children

If you’re wondering whether or not a flu shot should be given to your child, there are some essential things to note. For starters, know what your children can be delivered.

Age and Experience of a Flu Shot for Children

There are two main ways that a child can be given a flu shot. For starters, the typical shot with a needle is available, and often the most common way of administering the viral. These can be given to children as young as six months. Other than soreness and possible low-grade fevers, the shot is a top choice. Another option, however, is a nasal spray version of the viral. Healthy children who are aged two or older can be given this form of the shot. 

How Many Shots Does My Child Get for the Flu Shot?

Children younger than nine years old who are new to the flu shot will need two shots within four weeks. This is because the body needs enough time to react to the shot, while also being able to build a resistance to it. If your child has taken the flu shot since 2018, they’ll only need it once. 

Is the Flu Shot 100% Accurate?

Well, this is something you need to think about. No vaccine is 100% accurate, but the rate at which children who have the flu shot can avoid severe sickness is reason enough to get one for your child. If they are healthy enough to handle the vaccine, then make it a priority to get them into a doctor or nurse as soon as possible.

Schedule a Flu Shot for Your Child Today

Flu shots are a crucial way to fight against one of the upcoming season’s fiercest foes. If you have any questions or concerns about flu shots, please contact us at  781.233.1000