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Grilling Safety for the Summer

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, people begin to bust out their grills for the summer. A backyard barbecue is a classic American tradition, but unfortunately, it’s also a common cause of fires and injury. Before you start throwing patties and hot dogs onto the grill this year, make sure you’re following these safety tips to ensure your barbecue goes exactly as planned!

Choose a Safe Location

Grills start an alarming number of fires each year because they’re used in a hazardous location. Look for a place that’s away from any structure, building, or low hanging trees. Courtyards, patios, and balconies are some of the most common locations that grill fires begin. Distance your grill from any flammable materials before you light it.

Stabilize the Grill

If your grill falls over while it’s on, a fire will likely occur. You can purchase a grill mat to place under the grill and stabilize it on any surface. You can also create a designated grilling area outside with paving stones if you grill regularly.

Grill Maintenance

Maintaining your grill is a big responsibility. At the beginning of summer, do an inspection of the grill to look for any propane leaks. If you smell propane or see a visible hole, do not light the grill. You can also apply a soap solution to the hosing along with the restaurant and then ignite the grill. If the solution begins to form bubbles, there’s a leak in the tubing. Once you’ve started using the grill, you have to keep it clean. Use a grill brush to clean any grease and food particles off after every use. Not only will this make grilling safer, but it will help your grill last longer too!

Staying Safe Around the Grill

You should never leave your grill when it’s on. A child should never be around a grill, even under the supervision of an adult. Once you’ve turned the grill off you should allow it to cool for at least an hour before you move or cover it until the next use. Make sure your clothing is tucked in and away from the grill when it’s hot. It’s far too easy for an apron string to fall into the grill and catch fire without you realizing!
Summer grilling is a beautiful past time, but you can’t let your guard down during this leisurely activity. All it takes is just one instance of forgetting grill safety for an accident to occur.