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Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks for a Morning Routine

For most people, the morning is a time of busy arranging and readying for the day ahead. Whether it is work, childcare, or another time-consuming hobby, the morning sets the tone for the day. In terms of healthy eating habits, morning operates the same way. A healthy start to the morning makes the day feel promising, whereas a shaky start to the day can start things off on the wrong foot. These tips on making healthy eating choices in the morning may make early mornings more comfortable, and afternoons a little less trying.

Starting the Morning Off on a Healthy Note

Spring is a great chance to start some healthy eating tips, and none get the day started better than breakfast. The trick is, not all breakfast options are created equal.

The Right Breakfast for a Great Day

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. That being said, a pastry or pancakes are far from what the body needs to thrive for a work day or busy afternoon of errands. Incorporating as many veggies into breakfast is crucial in giving the body fuel for the day. An easy way to do this is to load up an omelet with lots of veggies, including peppers, tomatoes, and more. Spinach is also a good “bang for the buck” vegetable that has so many nutritional benefits that adding it to anything is going to increase the body’s capabilities to stay focused and moving all day long.

Skip the Coffee and Fast Food Breakfast Runs

Often if time is short, stopping for a coffee or fast food breakfast is seen as a quick solution. In reality, it creates many more problems than not eating at all. Coffee, while a great way to get the body to feel awake, dehydrates and dries the mouth. Likewise, very few fast food breakfast options are healthy and helpful for the long day ahead. Fruit and a glass of water are a great option, and it can be thrown in a to-go container easily for those days where time is short.

Hydrate for a Healthy Day

Few things get discussed more than water intake. There are a ton of benefits to staying hydrated, including better focus, less hunger, and an overall happier body. 8 to 10 ounces of water are a great way to make sure the organization has what it needs and can be achieved quickly while getting ready or driving to work.