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Healthcare Fast Facts

The world of healthcare is one that’s continually changing and evolving. Because of these changes, many myths get spread to the general public about healthcare. It can be hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction when the news, media, and politics are all so oversaturated with healthcare related content. Check out these fast healthcare facts to learn the truth about some of the most relevant discussions right now!

Per Capita Cost

It’s no secret that healthcare in America is expensive, but do you really know how expensive? $8,250 is spent per capita on healthcare across the United States. For reference, that number is 170% higher than the average spent among other countries in the world! Even when compared with the second highest priced land in the world, our per capita cost exceeds theirs by a staggering 22%. Why is that cost so high? The answer is unclear. In fact, the per capita cost has grown 660% beyond what it should have based on average rates of inflation since 1960.

Total Cost

The portion that our healthcare expenses contribute to our GDP as a nation sits at 17.7%. That figure places us number one in the list of developed countries for healthcare spending. While being number one may generally be a good thing, in this case, it definitely isn’t! The total amount spent on health in the United States each year is roughly 2.6 trillion. Yes, you read that right, trillion! By 2021 that number is expected to grow to 4.8 trillion. This leaves many people wondering why the cost continues to grow as rapidly as it does.

Life Expectancy and Infant Mortality

You would think with all of that money spent on healthcare we would maintain a high life expectancy, but it turns out we only rank 34 on a list of 195 countries. In the US, men are expected to live to 77.4 and women are expected to live to 82.2 years of age. We rank 47th on the list for infant mortality rates as well, another number that should be higher based on our healthcare spending each year.
Knowing the facts of healthcare spending and health rankings compared to other countries is essential, especially considering many political candidates and new stations cite very different numbers. The effects may not paint the best image of America, but that doesn’t make them any less right.