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Sports injury prevention

AFC Urgent Care Saugus encourages parents to put their children in school sports. School sports are known to give kids a sense of responsibility, a group of friends & keeps them healthy. However being in sports can lead to numerous amount of injuries that could leave your child off the field. Read more to find out how to avoid getting sports injuries this season!


One of the most important ways of stopping an injury on the field with any sport is to keep stretching. Muscles are elastic like rubber bands & they need to be warmed up & stretched before vigorous use. A proper stretching technique usually follows the format of warming the muscles up first. Stretching cold muscles actually not helpful at all. It is important to “warm them up” first to get them active. After the warmup, then stretching should commence; there are various stretching techniques that you can learn from the sport you are playing. Finally, the
“cool down” is performing physical activity at a low rate to bring the body back to normal

Wear protective gear

If your child is in a contact sport, odds are there will be some sort of protective gear they need to be wearing. Kids need to always be wearing their gear when playing their contact sports ext: Soccer, shin guards, football wear your helmet & pads. Protective gear is always necessary, we are aware children don’t always know the importance of safety when they are playing sports, so it is best to give your child a reminder.

Hydration & food

Running around, using up energy can take a toll on the body. There are many stories each year about kids passing out on the field & getting seriously injured. Hydration is extremely important, the body is made out of 60% water. When we use more water than we are getting we then become dehydrated. Dehydration in a sports setting can lead to fatigue, injury, even death! Make sure your child is always drinking water when they are out on the field. Water is not the only source of energy that athletes need. It is important to give your kids snacks to eat in between breaks on the field. The body uses up energy from food. Once all the energy consumes the body will need more otherwise it will underperform.

We hope these tips will help your child avoid sports injuries this season!