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Summer doesn't have to mean sunburn!

Summertime is one of the best times of the year & we at AFC Urgent Care hope you are enjoying yourselves. As we approach the middle of August the sun is reaching its peak! Now is the time to be more cautious about getting a sunburn! Did you know that the most common type of cancer is melanoma skin cancer which is a result of sunburn? AFC is here to offer some helpful information on sunburn!

What is sunburn?

We all know sunburn is a result is laying out in the sun for too long, but most people forget that sunburn is caused by radiation. The suns light as 3 rays, UVA, UVB, UVC; 2 of these rays (UVA, UVB) reach the earth’s surface. When our skin is exposed to any type of radiation for too long it burns. Not everyone will burn the same or take the same amount of time to burn; this would depend on skin thickness, skin color & other factors.

How do I know what type of sunburn I have?

All sunburn should be taken seriously, however, there are a couple symptoms that will tell you if your sunburn is severe or mild. If you have symptoms of:

  • Slight redness on the skin
  • Tenderness/pain to the touch
  • peeling

odds are you have a mild sunburn. This can be treated by keeping the skin moisturized; this will help the skin cells regenerate faster. If you have pain, Aloe Vera is very useful. If you have symptoms such as

  • Blisters/puss
  • extreme pain on skin
  • dehydration
  • fainting
  • high pulse

You probably have been exposed to the sun for too long & are experiencing severe sun poisoning. You should not try to cure this yourself & should try to get to your nearest urgent care immediately.

How can I prevent Sunburn?

Th best way to prevent sunburn is to use sunblock every 15-20 mins if you are laying out in the sun. SPF on sunblock are indicators on how often you should re-apply however, if you are sweating, in & out of the water your SPF won’t matter because all of these are factors that will wash of your sunblock.
AFC Urgent Care can help you get rid of your sunblock & get back outside to enjoy the rest of summer! Come stop by today or call us at (781) 233-1000 !