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Stay Healthy: Get Vaccinated!

FLUSHOTInfluenza, or most commonly known as ‘the Flu’, hospitalizes over 226,000 people and causes over 36,000 deaths per year. The flu is extremely dangerous for children under 5 years old, pregnant women and the elderly. However, just because you may not fall under those categories does not mean that you are immune from not getting the virus. The CDC recommends that anyone who is 6 months and older should get a seasonal flu vaccination.

A common myth that most people fear, resulting in the lack of vaccinations being taken, is that the shot itself will give you the flu. This just simply is not true. Most people feel no discomfort after receiving the shot, while 25% will have soreness or redness around the injected area. The shot is filled with the dead virus, therefore making you immune to the virus. The flu vaccine is most commonly paid for by your insurance company, but for those without insurance coverage, the shot is often inexpensive.

We here at AFC Urgent Care Saugus want to make sure that you and your family stays happy and healthy this winter. We offer seasonal flu vaccinations, as well as other preventative care you may need. Visit us at our location, no appointment necessary, at 371 Broadway St. or call us for more information at 781-233-1000!