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Urgent Care or the ER?

Did you know that as many as 1 in 5 Americans visits an ER each year?

Surprising, isn’t it? And of these visits, many were for injuries and illnesses that could have been easily treated outside of the traditional hospital Emergency Room. According to the Center for Disease Control the most common reasons for an emergency room visit in 2011 was cold symptoms for children, and injuries for adults. Sometimes a visit to a hospital emergency room is definitely in order; in cases where a life threatening situation or illness arises. But when the illness is not of a critical nature, a visit to an Urgent Care Center makes better sense. Emergency rooms often are backlogged with patients, while the most critical situations are given top priority. If you are not “critical” then you could be waiting to be seen for, sometimes, a very long time. Why wait for hours in a crowded ER for a minor illness or injury, when you don’t have to?

At AFC Urgent Care we offer an excellent alternative to the ER. We are open 7 days a week, with extended hours, and no appointment is necessary. Every patient is seen by an experienced, board certified physician, every time. We also have lab and x-ray on site, which allows accurate and timely diagnoses. We accept nearly every major insurance plan, with no referral necessary. Finally, besides being able to see a doctor in a timely and convenient fashion, we provide care at a more affordable cost than a traditional emergency room.

Of course, some critical medical situations should be handled in a traditional ER setting. But for a large number of patients, a visit to an Urgent Care center like AFC Urgent Care is your best alternative. For more information on the types of illnesses and injuries easily treated in our centers please see the “what we treat” section of our web site, or feel free to speak to one of our staff at 781-233-1000.